Home Accommodations for Kids with Sight Impairments

Parents/Guardians experiences accessing Rental Housing Accommodations for Ontarian Children with Sight Impairments

This project is funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario Small Responsive Grant. This project seeks to create toolkits to assist Ontario parents/guardians of children with sight impairments and CNIB rehabiliation staff assisting them, to successfully obtain individualized accessible home accommodations required to improve their mobility and safety in rental units. You have been identified by CNIB rehabilitation staff as a person who is a parent/guardian of a sight impaired child who lives in a rental unit in Northern Ontario.  
If you are interested in participating in this project, you will be directed to answer four (4) questions to determine if you meet the inclusion criteria to particpate. If yes, you will then be directed to a form to complete asking your name, contact information (phone and/or email), language preference (English or French) and the best times to contact you as well as the best times to conduct an interview. The interview is expected to take 60-90 minutes of your time, however this may vary. You will be compensated for your time with a $25 honorarium.
The interview involves answering questions related to your child(ren)'s sight loss, how that affects their mobility, your housing provider and the type of residence you live in, your experiences in trying to obtain individualized accessible home accommodation for your child(ren). You will be provided with a question guide in advance. With your permission the intervew will be audio recorded.  

Are you still interested in participating in the project?